Siemens Energy Global GmbH & Co. KG Marine

Siemens Energy Global GmbH & Co. KG Marine
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Marine Solutions

The Siemens Energy Marine commitment stretches back more than 130 years. The highly innovative portfolio  of  electrical  products,  systems, solutions  and services  covers  the entire lifecycle.  A  promise of supporting   businesses like yours with future-proof solutions  for  the safe, efficient and reliable operation of commercial as well as naval vessels.

Powering the maritime industry forward  also means setting new courses of innovation. As a pioneer, Siemens Energy Marine offers advanced solutions designed to optimize onboard ship machinery performance while upholding environmental  standards.  Wherever your ship sail, Siemens Energy  Marine is always nearby with a global network of subsidiaries, providing service and

after sales support.


  • Automation and Control
  • Electric Propulsion and Drive
  • Podded Propulsion
  • Power & Grid Solutions
  • Digital Solutions and Services
  • Life-Cycle-Management