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Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH
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Müller-BBM's range of services in ship acoustics is as multi-faceted as seafaring itself

Acoustic conditions on a ship or an offshore platform are extremely complex: powerful noise and vibration emitters are found on board, among them diesel engines, cooling compressors, pumps and propulsion systems. The typical ship structures with ductworks and line systems provide perfect conditions for the propagation of noise and vibration. Acoustic optimisation measures increase the usability with regard to occupational safety and comfort, thus sustainably raising the appreciation by owners, crew members and passengers.

Our fields of activity comprise the acoustic design and optimisation of offshore platforms, yachts, passenger ships, merchant ships, research and naval vessels. We provide consultation to shipyards, shipping lines, design offices and suppliers. We provide you with support during the design and construction phases by planning and approving the entire sound insulation system. The earlier we are included in the process, the sooner we can draw up initial predictions for your ship regarding airborne noise and vibration – and the sooner we can estimate the necessary reduction measures and find the most cost-effective overall design, together with you.