Becker Marine Systems GmbH

Becker Marine Systems GmbH
Blohmstraße 23

Marine Equipment

Design and delivery of manoeuvring systems and energy-saving devices

for all types and sizes of vessels, especially:

Becker high-performance Rudders:

  • Flap Rudders, Heracles Rudders
  • NACA or Special Profile Rudders
  • Twisted Rudders
  • Schilling Rudders

Becker efficiency-optimized Rudders:

  • Becker Bulb Rudders
  • Cross Over Rudders


  • Steerable Becker Nozzles, Fixed and Steerable Kort Nozzles

Energy-Saving Devices:

  • Becker Mewis Ducts, Becker Twisted Fins

BIMS (Becker Intelligent Monitoring System):

  • for rudder force measuring

LNG Hybrid Concepts:

  • LNG Hybrid Barge
  • LNG Hybrid Ferry

Manoeuvring Training

After Sales & Service:

The Becker Service team is available on a 24 hours - 7 days a week basis.
This is for both planned maintenance and emergency repairs worldwide.
You will find Becker offices in China, Korea, Germany, Norway, Singapore and more than 20 agencies all over the world.