The industry

The supply chain in shipbuilding includes shipyards, equipment producers as well as supplied services in technical or administrative areas. About 2.800 companies generate a yearly turn-over of around 18. billion Euro and offer over 80.000 skilled workers an attractive workplace in a high-tech sector. The 130 German shipyards offer a wide range of services including commercial shipbuilding, repairs and refits, the construction of inland vessels, boats and yachts as well as naval ships.

The German maritime equipment industry is leading in Europe. The specific strength of the German companies lies in the export of their products, which results in up to 60 percent of their activities. This makes Germany the world leader in the maritime equipment market.

The term "ocean industries" summarizes those companies and economic as well as scientific activities which research the exploitation of the oceans for energy, natural and food resources. From an economic point of view, the oil and gas industry as well as off-shore wind are currently the most important contributors to this area. However, in the long-run, there are huge potentials in the area of deep sea mining and the exploitation of gas hydrates.