Ships 2022 - Made in Germany

Freitag, 10. März 2023 - 14:30

This is maritime made in Germany!

While the world is joining forces to accelerate global efforts to fight against climate change, also shipping has embraced that there is no alternative to climate neutrality as fast as possible. And yet the German maritime industry is world renown for a wide range of high-end solutions, from sophisticated components and machinery to state-of-the-art turn-key systems and complex ships. Customers trust the long tradition of excellent engineering and turn to German makers and yards for their high-quality products. It is here, where innovation drives performance, where striving for nothing less than perfection is in our genes.

In the highly competitive shipping sector, the cheapest solution is sometimes preferred over the best solution. We believe, efficiency answers to both!

In a rapidly changing maritime world, efficiency will be more than ever the key success factor. Energy cost will increase as the world gradually turns away from fossil energy sources. This development will impact every corner of the economy and the full value chain. It will establish new trades and require new business models In shipping, not only fuel cost will rise. Input prices from raw material to processed metal, from single components to complex ship-systems are bound for a significant increase. Superior product design with optimised properties enables reliable technology at the lowest life cycle cost. This has been the stronghold of German Industry ever since.

This is maritime made in Germany!